Short Sleeve Womens Mosture Wicking Shirt

Short Sleeve Womens Mosture Wicking Shirt
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Product Description


The large design is printed on the back of the shirt and the smaller Florida Ship Wheel Logo will be printed in black on the front left chest area. All shirts are UPF resistant up to 35+ except for the white shirts they are 50+. *IMPORTANT: When ordering customized items the MINIMUM order is 6 of the same design, style, and color, etc. PLEASE ALLOW AT LEAST 6 WEEKS FOR PROCESSING & SHIPPING.

**IMPORTANT: ***Additional Costs for larger size shirts: Cost BEFORE March 1st, 2021 2XL=$27.99+$1.50=$29.49 3XL=$27.99+$2.50=$30.49

Cost AFTER March 1st, 2021 2XL=$30.99+$1.50=$32.49 3XL=$30.99+$2.50=33.49